Rugs&Sons are proud to present our very own collection of high-end, handmade Berber rugs, using only exceptional wools with preferably natural colors. We have, during the last couple of years, occasionally been producing customized rugs for special requests, offering a wide range of technical possibilities and dimensions. But now we're getting even more serious... 

Although the exceptional motifs of vintage Berber rugs rank them among the masterpieces of tribal and nomadic culture, their traditional dimensions make them difficult to adapt to our interiors and their value makes them less and less accessible. That is why Rugs&Sons now offer our clients custom-made rugs with modern designs, inspired by the most beautiful pieces of our collection.

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DSC_2300 copie.jpg
DSC_2200 copie.jpg
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Please contact us for more information regarding customized rugs. We offer a wide range of colors and patterns suitable for both professional clients, such as interior architects and decorators, but also for private customers.







In the world of decoration, regardless if you buy that new stunning color for your living room wall, the amazing wallpaper for your daughters bedroom or those beautiful ceramic tiles for the kitchen floor, you often have the possibility to see a sample of the product. But never with rugs - until now. Rugs&Sons offer you as a professional the opportunity to buy 1m2 (3’x3’) samples with the same amazing quality as the final product. This is a way to gather several pieces in your shop/ showroom without taking an excessive financial risk. Showing your client a sample of the product is a perfect way to feel the quality of the wool, experience the hight of the pile and see the actual colors.

For price inquiries and more information about how we work with professionals, do not hesitate to contact us.