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Type: Azilal

Year: 1960's​

Dimensions: 220 x 125 cm / 7'3" x 4'1"

Pile height: Medium

Condition: Perfect

Reference: 366

Price: 3900€

Old carpet made of natural and stained wool on a weave of cotton. The techniques and dimensions of this piece are typical of Azilal carpets. This region is famous for their artistic freedom which allows the most daring compositions. In this superb example, oblong and vibrant shapes - certainly related to the symbolic representation of marriage and femininity - seem to be gradually broken down into enigmatic motifs in the center of what could be a minaret.


The whole, framed by an irregular red, composes a dynamic and harmonious landscape between abstraction and symbolism, creating a feeling of mystery and harmony. A carpet that by its size could be used as a wall decoration. A collector's item. A work of art.


An exceptional carpet from a famous region, whose authentic pieces are now extremely rare.

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