Type: Beni M'Guild​

Year: Mid. 20th century

Dimensions: 189 x 168 cm / 6'2" x 5'6"

Pile height: Low

Condition: Very good

Reference: 362

This original and powerful Berber carpet, as structured as it is free, with an explosion of warm colors and dislocation of the geometrical order, could be the fragment of a more impressive old piece.


On a black base, visible on the fringes and the edges, the space of this carpet is structured in two large columns thanks to three friezes, lateral and central, relatively regular. After having established a rigorous geometric order, alternating diagonal squares drawing symmetrical chevrons, the weaver quickly and skilfully exceeded this wise logic to gradually give free rein to an increasingly vibrant and explosive asymmetry.


An exceptional carpet, whose powerful graphic vibrations are supported by colors with remarkable intensity.