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Type: Beni M'Guild

Year: Mid. 20th Century

Dimensions: 320 x 190 cm / 10'6" x 6'3"

Pile height: Medium

Condition: Perfect

Reference: 311

The Beni M'Guild tribe, which stretches over a vast area of the Middle Atlas south of Fez and Meknes, is famous for its knotted carpets developing sumptuous brightly colored monochromes. This ancient carpet has the typical characteristics of this community of nomads and houses under its warm and warm fleece a complex network of rhombs and symbolic motifs of endless richness. The thickness of its wool, handcrafted according to a very specific technique, gives it a sensible comfort.


A rare piece with intense colors, and in a remarkable condition.

A vast symbolic and graphic network discreetly hid behind a symphony of purple and violet.

Copie de BeniMguild-verso_WEB.jpg
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