Type: Azilal

Year: 1960's

Dimensions: 206 x 165 cm / 6'9" x 5'5"

Pile height: Medium

Condition: Excellent

Reference: 002

Price: 2600€



Ancient carpet from Azilal, developing on a base of white and brown natural wools a very powerful graphical composition which exploits with brilliance the colors typical of the region. Particularly thick and dense, this rug offers remarkable comfort despite its advanced age, attested by many details. Beyond the silky aspect of its wool, weathered by the years and the many washes, its age immediately appears to us by examining the backside - revealing the traces of an extremely fine weaving.


Its dimensions, quite unusual for the region and the period, could be explained by the fact that the carpet was shortened, which finally gives it proportions particularly adapted to our modern interiors.


A beautiful old piece of Azilal, comfortable and with a highly desired size.