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We have been touring Morocco since 2014 in search of the most beautiful antique Berber rugs. Our collection, gathered in a showroom of 150 m2 outside Paris, is intended for architects as well as decorators, collectors and all lovers of art and design.

Our tribal rugs come from different regions of Morocco, woven, knotted or embroidered during the 20th century by Berber women, anchored in rural and social conditions specific to their nomadic culture. In this particular context, they created exceptionally varied carpets with a remarkable graphic, symbolic and technical liberty.

This liberty is arguably the main reason behind the worldwide admiration for Berber rugs, but the settlement of the Berber tribes over the past decades and the race for modernity have fundamentally altered this ancestral practice. The independent design in personal creations has gradually given way to the profitable production of cooperatives, more and more stereotyped and oriented towards export.


In this context, authentic pieces are becoming increasingly scarce, and if they have been so admired by modern artists in the last century, they deserve to be rediscovered and valued today.

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